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Fanfic: Almost Sleepless Night [09 Nov 2010|12:16am]

[ mood | amused ]

Title: Almost Sleepless Night

Author: mccrdel

Pairing: Eric/Calleigh

Rating: PG-13 / T

Summary: she couldn't sleep. Or maybe she could.

Disclaimer: I don't own CSI Miami, or the characters.


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Fic: Shadowlands [09 Sep 2010|01:02am]

[ mood | working ]

Fic: Shadowlands
Author: sunhawk
Fandom: CSI Miami
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, pre-relationship, songfic
Pairing: Calleigh/Eric, Ryan/Eric/Calleigh
Wordcount: 3780
Summary: Spoilers for Season 5, while Eric and Calleigh circle higher, Ryan is left to plummit...
Author's Notes: inspired by the Kula Shaker song "Shadowlands" and major thanks to alligator138 for her amazing beta skills!

( Since Horatio had told them about what happened to Ryan, Calleigh hadn't said a word to anyone... )

crossposted to callericryan


A Tour of the Heart (12/?) [22 May 2010|12:22pm]

Title: A Tour of the Heart (12/?)
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Characters: Eric/Calleigh
Rating: PG13
Summary: They say if you really want to understand someone, you have to understand where they come from.

Catching up? Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven


Eric returning to CSI: MIAMI full time. [24 Feb 2010|04:36pm]

I read this off of the official CSI: Miami group off of facebook.

just passing the info along.
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Still believe in Eric and Calleigh? [14 Feb 2010|11:39am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

There's a poll over at E!online TV's Top Couples Tournament: Happy Valentine's Day, Shippers! where you can vote if there is still any Hiphugger love out there!


Fic: Making Decisions [10 Feb 2010|11:49pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Title: Making Decisions
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Characters: Eric/Calleigh
Word Count: ~4,300
Rating: M, mature 15+
Genre: Romance/angst/smut, one-shot, episode tag for 7.3.
Spoilers: spoilers for 7.3
Disclaimer: These characters belong to writers, Anthony Zuiker and CBS et al. I don't own them. No copyright infringement is intended, written for fun not money.
Beta: [info]erinm_4600 took a look over it, any mistakes are still mine alone. xD

Author notes: This is my other CSI: Miami fic that's been sitting on my computer for awhile..
Summary: Eric makes a few decisions regarding his feelings towards a certain Calleigh. Calleigh has come to decisions of her own too.

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any way you want to. :)


HUGE EC SPOILER for (tonight's) In The Wind 8.14 [01 Feb 2010|01:01pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Under the cut: Calleigh and Eric mentioned in an ET article for tonight's episode AND a YouTube vid of the strictly EC scenes from itCollapse )

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Flowers and Wondering [09 Nov 2009|03:12pm]

[ mood | content ]

Title: Flowers and Wondering.
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Author: weird_fin
Rating: M, mature people 15+
Genre/Category/Type: Romance, One-shot, Angst/Fluff/Smut, Episode tag
Character: Eric Delko, Calleigh Duquesne
Words: ~1,200w
Disclaimer: These characters belong to writers, Anthony Zuiker and CBS et al. I don't own them. No copyright infringement is intended, written for fun not money.
Spoilers: Includes scenes from 'Cheating Death' Season 7 ep 7. And major spoilers for 7.3 also.

Summary: After Eric and Ryan's prank, word gets around and Calleigh offers her opinion while they work the case. And later when Eric goes to see Calleigh for new leads while they check out the concierge's "sex box".
Author notes: Written awhile ago, change in point of view in bold, hopefully not too distracting. It sticks as close as possible to the two main Eric and Calleigh scenes in the episode and what they're each thinking during it. Cross-posted to csimiamific

"A woman always loves receiving flowers"

Fanfiction - Where were you when I called? [18 Oct 2009|01:09pm]

Title: Where were you when I called?
Pairing: Eric/Calleigh
Prompt: Where were you when I called?
Word Count: 1,541
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Summary: "She's not answering her phone Ryan, she always answers her phone when she's on duty."

Fic this way

8.01 "Out of Time" Discussion [22 Sep 2009|03:09pm]

So what did everyone think of last night's premiere?

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